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War of Matchman 2 Game
The new matches Wars 2 come out, ultra-luxury upgrade, the game screen is more delicate, more majestic war scene!
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War of Matchman 2 Game Description

[match Wars 2 game]: Stick War 2
The new matches Wars 2 come out, ultra-luxury upgrade, the game screen is more delicate, more majestic war scene! The operating mode of the game than its predecessor, more biased in favor of the classic real-time strategy mode is no longer a separate control certain types of arms, you can be a one-time marquee Force to batches combat, more simple and efficient.

The game also upgrade mode of the inner city, inner city upgrade buildings, in order to recruit more powerful arms, the tech tree is also very powerful, can be upgraded after the combat capability of the technology to increase the clearance.

Outside resources in addition to gold, but also increase the aura resources, selected miners right-click gold mine mining, right-click on the large stone statue Reiki can be collected. Different buildings require different resources consumption, reasonable allocation of the acquisition.

The goal of the game or large stone statue destroyed enemy mainly to accumulate troops and then to the general offensive launched by the enemy now!

General mouse click and hold the left button and drag the marquee target, right-right-click move, attack enemies, 1 to 9 shortcuts made ​​soldiers, the A key to switch to attack mobile mode H key to switch to defensive mode, empty grid button to select all combat units, P key to pause.

Click PLAY CAMPAIGN, click on NEW GAME, select difficulty, click SKIP INTRO, select points to start the game (the beginning to continue in accordance with the the game teaching marquee soldiers moving).

War of Matchman 2 Game download

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