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Tom Cat talking Game
"Tom Cat talking" is a mobile pet application class game, very popular, very popular. Tom, a pet cat, it can respond to your touch, and speak with a funny voice.
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Tom Cat talking Game Description

Game Description: "Tom Cat" talking is a mobile pet application class game, very popular, very popular. Tom, a pet cat, it can respond to your touch, and speak with a funny voice. This is the flash version of the game, some interaction less, but equally interesting. Play with a play!

Game goal: play the talking tom cat, Tom, look at the interesting things occurred

How to get started: the game loaded to start the game

The operating Guide: mouseleft, click to trigger the mouse to click on the Tom Cat or the bottom right of the milk, kittens can react accordingly.

If you like the free talking tom cat game, please suggest to your friend to let you play.

If you want to download tom cat game, please check here: talking tom cat download

Tom Cat talking Game download

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