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Stars Thief online game
Welcome to play Stars Thief online game.This is a Strategy Games,also is a free minicilp online games,free mini game.In this games,you will find a funny show.If you like ,then present to you friends.
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Stars Thief online game Description

Stars Thief online game is a Strategy Games,also is a free minicilp online games,free mini game.
Thief game]: Swindler
A very game makes you go crazy, in fact, I think this Stars Thief  game lost gravity phone may make a lot of people on the phone was smashed.
Nitrome new protagonist is a sticky, slimy thief, there are three strengths: 1, can be separated from the body a long rope, and can imitate Tom Luce hanging rope to come and go; can rotate the direction of gravity. With these three skills, the bandit the foot can be sly, but he was in love with the treasure and the stars, to find the chest pass, while access to the stars can get extra points.
Delicate and rich picture of the game Nitrome consistent director, since otherwise mentioned. The operation of the game is very simple, four arrow keys fixed up, but the combination of the physical principles of gravity, giving a novel with different operating experience, the corner to change the rope swing handled from this detail, particularly good. This game is suitable for gravity operation on the phone, I think deserve to be reconsidered, because this game itself is focused on the micro gravity operation is better suited to micromanage less demanding games.
[] [] move up and down
[←] [] rotating gravity
[Space] pick up eggs
[P] to pause

Stars Thief online game download

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