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Cursed Treasure 2
Cursed Treasure 2 upgrade, the new version of the screen is very substantially beautify,Beautiful picture, I believe you will not miss it!
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Cursed Treasure 2 Description

Cursed Treasure 2 upgrade, the new version of the screen is very substantially beautify, Tower defense system more optimized, orcs, ghost (undead), Demons three mysterious forces guarding ancient treasures. Treasures are under a curse under your control, make a treasure hunt people, never to return. This tower defense game, only available in three basic turret , Respectively, can be built in the meadows, snow-capped mountains and wasteland three terrain But with the experience of the turret growth, can be upgraded to develop different abilities turret. At the same time there are three instant magic as you cast. Another feature of this tower defense game is not the enemy through the buckle life after your treasure is, but will be moved back to the beginning, and all the treasures to be moved out before Game Over. Beautiful picture, I believe you will not miss it!

Wait for the Cursed Treasure 2 game to load complete then click twice on START, then click on NEW GAME, select the checkpoints on the map, and then click on the right of the START Finally, click Close to start the game.ATTACK began the construction of the towers, click the lower-right corner of the battle.

1 - build Den
2 - build Crypt
3 - build Temple
Q - cast Cut Out spell
W - cast Terror spell
E - cast Meteor spell

Hold Space for 2x speed

Cursed Treasure 2 download

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