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Bejeweled 3 Online game
The Bejeweled 3 Online game come from Popcap game,it is very funny,hope you will like it.
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Bejeweled 3 Online game Description

Bejeweled Game Introduction:

Special gems:
- One to four of the same type of gem stones put together will form a flame. When the stones with the same color are connected, these sparkling gems will explode, splashing sparks.
- 5 of the same type of gem stones put together will form lightning. When these stones are connected, the four directions will be sent immediately to the lightning, destroying the four directions of the gemstone.
- Fruit gem is a rare but powerful gems. This gem is only available for a continuous connection to the chain length reaches its maximum value when the indicator can be formed. When the chain length indicator reaches its maximum when the jewel box of a house becomes a special fruit gem. This gem is connected, it will eliminate all the same colored gems, as well as other powerful effects.

- Bomb gems: gem bombs in this game at a later stage, depth and steps will be as slow to come. These gems can be connected to 0 or so before the flame by lightning stones or gems in the adjacent areas for the explosion is eliminated. If you do not remove this gem, only the instructions of emergency remove the arrow can save you.
- Locked gems: Locked gems can also be connected, but can not be moved. By connecting the same colored gems and special gem stones can move freely so that these locks.
- Coal: These stones can hinder your activities match gems, but when you use fire or lightning gem stones to be exploded, it will give you a big surprise!
  • Ad-free fun
  • 4 game modes
  • Better graphics & effects
  • Save your progress & high scores
The Bejeweled 3 Online games come from Popcap game,it is very funny games, i hope you will like it.
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Bejeweled 3 Online game download

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