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4399 Stick Wars Hacked Game
Welcome play 4399 Stick Wars Hacked Game.In a world called Inamorata, you're surrounded by discriminate nations devoted to their individual nations technology and struggle for dominance.
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4399 Stick Wars Hacked Game Description

4399 Stick Wars Hacked Game also called Stickman War v1.3.

Mouse click to select the role you want to manipulate , the top status bar are: production units , the middle three grid selection retreat, defend, attack , the left is money, and the right is your strength , direction ← → keys to control direction . After loading the game , click on the red button PLAY → SKIP INTRO → BEGIN CAMPAIGN → NORMAL → READG → START, you can enter the game.

Stickman War v1.3 version of the game more exciting, launch your wisdom to do a great strategist now ! Updated content :

- The new enemy: the dragon 's breath will burn your inflammation of the walls, can only be eliminated wizards new Fireball
- New upgrades : Command prisoners assault battle with intruders
- Increases the level of progress indicator ( observe the sun )
- The new wizard spells. Fireball wizard to use the left they are first pull , like a rubber band and then let go .
- Less delay. Improved by optimizing the composition of the system
- Improved multi-point control, allowing one to pick up many enemies
- Corrected the BUG sometimes suddenly launch meteor
- No need to capture the end points while waiting
- More background music
- Sorcerer 's magic recovery rate decreased
- Reduce hand injuries
- Increase the amount of repair repair division
- The hand can no longer destroy you try to pick up enemy
- The enemy is no longer able to burst your walls ( eventually added a Sometimes)
- Shorter round
- Do not destroy an enemy to get more money
- Added cheat mode.

Suspended after the start point of the game , then quickly point screen six times, and so one second . If it is correct , you will hear "cheater" sound , and get 50,000 yuan , 50 prisoners and 5,000 blood - Archive of previous versions will be affixed to the previous score the old score board Manufacturing mining soldiers and troops, attack the enemy base.

4399 Stick Wars Hacked Game download

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