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Ravio: Why the new "angry birds Go" for free?

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On January 3, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that since its launch in December 2009 the first of the angry birds online, Finland game, Rovio on the Apple App Store, the company has been adopting micro-strategies for paid download.

Angry birds Go,angry birds Go game

Last month, the company launched the racing games on the platform of the "angry birds Go". Different, the game is to provide users with free downloadable patterns. What led to the changes in Ravio? recently Rovio games Executive Vice President, business gumi·LAsi (Jami Laes) accepted the interview, following is an interview with:

WSJ: the angry birds Go was Ravio first free games?

Russ: no, this isn't the first free games paragraphs Ravio, but it is our first free "birds" game. We publish free games there are already quite a few years, now almost all of our in-game micro transactions and billing projects.

WSJ: now free have become the mainstream of mobile game industry revenue, the "angry birds Go" in response to this change?

Lars: this is in no way conform to, from the start of the project, we have decided to use free of charge. We are to consider this issue from a user's perspective rather than from a commercial point of view which model is more profitable. Ravio before games in the app store are present in both the free and paid versions, causing confusion to players. In order to create the best user experience, and only one version of the game.

WSJ: in the test phase of the angry birds Go, some players questioned the charge for this mode, what adjustments have you made to these comments?

Lars: because each country's version is different, the specific changes I can't reveal details and figures. But we do for in-game vehicle, double the price of gold prop and energy recovery rate has been adjusted. After adjusting the game more balanced, can give players more resonance.

WSJ: free patterns on the angry birds Go for Ravio meaning weigh?

Lars: free pattern is future directions, we are considering implementing this model in more games. If handled correctly, "free" for gamers, developers and publishers are the best models for.

WSJ: mobile game developers, Android over iOS became the most important market?

Russ: we cannot make generalizations. See from the install base, higher growth in Android than iOS, it is becoming increasingly important. But Ravio and all developers, neither the iPhone nor the iPad,iOS continues to be an excellent platform.

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Update: 2014-1-6
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Ravio: Why the new "angry birds Go" for free?