Although the Letterpress iPhone game is easy to play, but to become a master is not an easy thing.

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2013 iPhone Best Puzzle Game: Letterpress

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Letterpress is Tweetie Twitter by former founder Brichter released a iOS Scrabble, very fun!

The Letterpress game fully demonstrated the currently popular design, simple but not simple, the game only a few colors, including red, blue, black, white and gray.

Goal of the game
Game, you is not to eliminate the box, but to eliminate the use of letters of words. Players use any letters on the game table to spell words, once the spelling is successful, then the letter will be marked in blue. Then turn your game on the opponent. If the person can not spell out words marked in blue letters can be eliminated, then you can grab the opponent has used letters, and marked in blue. When all the letters have been used again, the party will win more marked letters.

Game requirements
This Letterpress game requires the network to play, you can invite your friends to play. You can also use auto pairing war, and make new friends.

Rules of the game
1 word of at least two letters.
2 Each word can only be used once.
3 words can not be used before the prefix.
For example, players used "Quilts", after that you can not reuse "Quilt" because Quilts have been included before using the Quilt. But quit and quilted can be used. Check the sequence of characters includes corresponding one by one from left to right, such as Quartz contains Quart, Quart so it can not be used after the Quartz.

2013 iPhone Best Puzzle Game: Letterpress

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2013 iPhone Best Puzzle Game: Letterpress