"Angry Birds Go" has been upgraded to 3D games.

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iOS version of "Angry Birds Go" - do not play slingshot, changed the car now

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All along, the " Angry Birds " are playing slingshot . But now, it is ready to play in the new racing game to change it.

It is reported that the most popular game " Angry Birds " developer Rovio has just launched the iOS version of something like " Mario Kart " (Mario Kart) racing game.

Name of the game is " Angry Birds Go ", it will " Angry Birds " game some roles placed on the car , allowing gamers to compete on a different track. For this game series , the new game is a milestone . Because the former three games are 2D , but the " Angry Birds Go " is in 3D .

Rovio company subversion slingshot past wars , the game will focus on competitive racing, mainly in order to retain loyal players . " Angry Birds Go" game track located 3D piggy Island. Racing can be upgraded , each character has a special ability .

Rovio company to enter the field of racing games seem to emulate Nintendo's hot game series " Mario ." " Mario " In the beginning only a gaming platform, but soon developed into other areas, including the racing field , such as " Mario Kart Game "

" Angry Birds Go" has appeared on the iOS device . It is now free, but the company hopes to earn income Rovio players within the application by way of paying.

Angry Birds Go 3D Game

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Update: 2013-12-19
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iOS version of "Angry Birds Go" - do not play slingshot, changed the car now