Rock on with Scraggy's Headbutt Blast, a hit new mini game in the mini game online!

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A Smash Hit for 4399 Scraggy

Keyword: A Smash Hit for Scraggy,4399 Scraggy

Rock on with Scraggy’s Headbutt Blast!, a hit new mini game in the mini game online! also you can check it in the 4399 game, the game is so funny, i hope you will like it, thanks

Need something smashed? Let Scraggy do the work in Scraggy’s Headbutt Blast! Rocks, ice blocks, and huge watermelons are no match for this hard-headed Pokémon! Quickly click an object to find its weak spot, then destroy it so you can move on to the next item to demolish. If you’re having trouble tracking down the weak spot, use an X Accuracy to show you where to smash. How many objects can you destroy in the 30-second time limit?

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Update: 2013-9-16
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A Smash Hit for 4399 Scraggy