Recent comments which everyone in 2013 the most fun online games, everyone's thoughts are different, and that this thing how I see it?

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2013 which is the most fun online games

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Recent comments which everyone in 2013 the most fun online games, everyone's thoughts are different, and that this thing how I see it? After much investigation, I have the following three views:

First: Girl games is very good

Many netizens are soft spot for beautiful game, especially like different kinds of beautiful game, so netizens became the exclusive place, of course, there are many beautiful women like this kind of game, especially is a dress Up game, beautiful scene, beautiful dress can make you shine at the moment, but there is a different role allows you to select their own, very humane. In these small games can not only get visual satisfaction, but also allows their feelings to become comfortable. We prefer the beauty of small game are: Lace Element Game, National Clothes GameWizard Student Dress Up Game and so on.

Second: the classic games or sit tight in the first

Small game Daquan staff told us that although every day has a different game been developed, but we prefer the small game is still the classic game, but for new games often take a long time adaptation period.  temple run onlineFruit Ninja, ninjump, Tom Cat online and so continues to occupy a very important part, and this game lies in its enduring reasons consistent with the public choice, Take the "Plants vs Zombies Game" This game is concerned, whether it is five-year-old child, or the beginning of high school students, university students also, or walk, or office workers, retirees and even the elderly are like games like that, why this Games can penetrate so deep crowd? Because of its simple operation and rich part of the game, so that everyone can get what they want from the game stuff, so they are a small minority in a leadership position among the game.

Third: Adapted game crazy.

The so-called game is from the anime adaptation or over the TV drama adaptation of the game, we are more familiar with "Bleach vs Naruto", "Anime Fighting Jam", "Tom and Jerry" and so on, these online games is consistent with the main features of the current situation, the hot period of time anime most likely to be adapted, so that gamers can feel as immersive game interesting, for example, more familiar "Naruto" of a scene or a role, which can be implemented in these games, so very humane. This game can choose their own opponents, difficulty novice, intermediate and expert difficulty of difficulty, completely out of the game can not find the partner of embarrassment, you can play anytime, anywhere, and now the popularity of the Internet into every household leaving game , online games into people's entertainment life, so that everyone's life, entertainment happier.

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Update: 2013-9-15
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2013 which is the most fun online games