official Chinese version of "Zombies 2" from July 31 Sign China, quickly became the App store free list first, but just a few days time, the game's rating has slipped to 2.5 by the 5 Star According to industry sources.

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EA Zombies 2 Share angered Chinese consumers

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official Chinese version of "Zombies 2" from July 31 Sign China, quickly became the App store free list first, but just a few days time, the game's rating has slipped to 2.5 by the 5 Star According to industry sources, the game is not malicious in the localization process increase the difficulty, premium content and price than the English have improved to varying degrees, which led to Chinese consumers bad reviews.

reported that "Zombies 2 - Wonderful Cosmic Voyage" is the war plants is "Zombies" This rage, stand-alone game sequel, early in the last month on the 10th, the game will has pioneered logged in New Zealand and Australia market, with all kinds of domestic game "Tools" and the localization team to help, most Chinese consumers feel the game has been synchronized.

while Shanghai PopCap team responsible for the production of localized Chinese version of "Zombies 2" scheduled for July 18 officially go to the China market, but for unknown reasons postponed until 31 July until late Login Chinese App store and in just seven hours after the App store free list quickly won the first position.

but the game immediately sparked the anger of Chinese consumers, according to industry sources, "localization" and "Zombies 2" is not a simple Chinese, but by increasing the difficulty of the game, reducing the availability of free players gaming experience other ways to force the rapid consumption of Chinese consumers.

original 1000 gold consumption can be purchased (with the purchase price of the number of increments) energy is limited only by beans Pay (diamonds) to buy, and the energy of the beans from the three grid was reduced to two grid; through some hurdles that the original available plant was changed by getting puzzles (or astronomical gold) get in the way; gold consumption in the original can be achieved touch capability has also been modified to become a paid item ......

short, a totally unnecessary in a foreign country can also pay to get a good gaming experience of the classic game, was remodeled in China do not pay for a normal game simply can not be "parallel works." Some media said that the original game only six kinds of plants pay only 108 yuan can unlock all, and "localization", the eight kinds of plants through unlocking the total price of the diamond as high as 256 yuan.

Chinese consumers are then spontaneously organize themselves on the App store on the Chinese version of "Zombies 2" for the bad reviews, a lot of one star rating quickly pulled down the overall evaluation of the game, as of press time only, Evaluation of the game has been reviewed by 5 down to 2.5 and still continue to go down and become free version and list the top 30 best-selling in the lowest score of the game.

Insiders analysis, Shanghai PopCap utilitarian acts not only hurt the Chinese consumer, can also cause the parent company EA's attention.Prior to this, Shanghai Bao opened with a strong gold absorption capacity (within the first three) times the EA headquarters was recognized not only as elsewhere, to turn Shanghai into China PopCap EA moblie, and even insiders say, " EA took over PopCap (PopCap) after various companies worldwide have carried out layoffs, but Shanghai is even smaller than the proportion of "Zombies 2," the real producers Seattle team. "Just last month, EA moblie abolition branch will be located in Beijing, the general manager Li Tianjian have left, leaving only a part of the circulation department, financial and legal staff, and because of the "Great Wall version of the Zombies" lucrative The Shanghai PopCap relatively unscathed, perhaps this is the Shanghai Bao open at angered Chinese consumers causes.

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Update: 2013-8-7
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EA Zombies 2 Share angered Chinese consumers