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Club Penguin online games Q & A

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1. What is Club Penguin?

Club Penguin is a snow-covered, virtual world where children play games and interact with friends in the guise of colourful penguin avatars.

2. How does it work?

Players create a penguin and explore the snow-covered island of Club Penguin, engaging in a variety of fun and imaginative activities. Players can chat, send greeting cards, use emotes (emotion icons), or choose from a set of pre-defined actions such as waving or dancing. Users can also attend theme parties and special events, take on a role in the latest stage play, adopt and care for a cute and cuddly puffle pet, and play games to earn virtual coins which can be used to design the perfect igloo and create hundreds of outfits for their penguin. New content is added every week.

3. Who is Club Penguin for?

Club Penguin online is designed for 6-14-year-olds but is open to all ages.

4. Is it safe?

 As part of its commitment to creating a safe online environment for children and their families, Club Penguin offers two chat options:
Ultimate Safe Chat - Limits what users can say to a predefined menu of greetings, questions and statements, as well as emotes, actions and greeting cards. When it comes to chatting, these users can only see other Ultimate Safe Chat messages. 

Standard Safe Chat - Allows players to type their own messages to other users. Every message is filtered to allow only pre-approved words and phrases, and block attempts to communicate a phone number or other personally identifiable information.

Although the filter is continuously updated, comments that could be offensive to some players may occasionally get through. In order to limit that and further protect participants, Club Penguin employs highly trained, on-site staff to monitor activity and chat, receive reports of misconduct and provide personalized player support. An "M" icon on the upper, right-hand portion of the screen reminds participants a moderator is available to help. Players who engage in inappropriate behavior can be silenced or banned.

5. Why did you create Club Penguin?

We wanted to build a fun, online playground guided by such a strong commitment to safety we'd feel comfortable letting our own children and grandchildren visit.

6. How does Club Penguin compare to social networking sites such as...

How does Club Penguin compare to social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace?

Unlike those sites, which provide a forum for users to post photos and other identifying personal information, Club Penguin strongly discourages the posting of any personal information and has a range of technological and human safeguards in place to block the communication of those sorts of details.

7. How much does it cost to play?

It's free to play, explore and chat with friends on Club Penguin, but special features such as priority access, exclusive parties and opportunities to create, discover and play in new and exciting ways require a membership.

8. Why charge anything at all?

By financing Club Penguin's operations through paid memberships we're able to maintain our commitment to creating a fun and safe online entertainment experience with no third party advertising.

9. What are the benefits of Club Penguin?

In addition to being a great place to play and have fun, Club Penguin is a great place to learn and grow. On Club Penguin, children practice reading, develop keyboarding skills and participate in creative role playing. By accumulating and spending virtual coins earned through game play kids practice math and learn about money management. The cooperative nature of the Club Penguin environment, along with initiatives such as our secret agent and tour guide programs, also help children develop important social skills while gaining a deeper understanding of their role as members of a community.

10. Do you offer any tools to help parents manage their child's...

Do you offer any tools to help parents manage their child's time online?

Club Penguin's new Manage Account area allows parents to create their own account and login to view their child's account history, including payments and bans, change their child's password or choose a different chat mode. Our integrated timer also allows parents to set the time of day and duration of their child's visits to Club Penguin.

11. How is Club Penguin making a difference?

A portion of the proceeds from each Club Penguin membership support organizations that  work on behalf of the world's youngest and most vulnerable citizens. Our Kids Helping Kids program allows Club Penguin members to play a role in securing a happier and healthier future for other children around the globe.

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Club Penguin online games Q & A