In this paladog game,for upgrade there will be three skill cards require players to upgrade.

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The 4399 pala dog raiders

Keyword: pala dog raiders

Keyboard the AD keys / direction keys ← → to control character movement,
Number keys 1 to 9 summon partners
JKL keys to use attack skills (blue) consumption.
Esc to pause.
Paladog near the partners will enable them to use special attacks, character upgrade the left mouse button click upgrade attributes available in stores clearance to upgrade partner and buy props.

Name: 4399 Paladog
Game version: 2.0.3
Genre: Casual Puzzle
Software Size: 16.4MB
Game language: English
System Requirements: Android 2.1 +
Developers: FazeCat
Pala dog Knight "is a strategy game, the game screen is gorgeous, the task can be equipped with a variety of 20 kinds of magic items, 60 different types of props.
In this paladog game, for upgrade, there will be three skill cards require players to upgrade.

Mimic grow surgery
You can increase the amount of experience obtained
Luck providers surgery
You can increase the amount of gold coins obtained
Treasure Hunter reconnaissance surgery
Can increase the chance of obtaining props
Health body surgery
St. canine of Parra's largest physical value can increase
Regenerate Heal
Gradually restored St. dogs Parra physical
Riding Riding
Can increase the moving speed of the St. dogs Parra
Defensive defense technique
St. dogs Parra damage can reduce enemy attack
Devotion Faith
The maximum increase of magic
Prayer prayer
Increase the recovery speed of the magic
The Magic Mastery magical Specialization
Reduce the consumption of mana
Cultivation Implant
Can increase food production
Preservation stored grain surgery
You can increase the maximum value of the food
Leadership leadership
To reduce my Fang Shibing production preparation time
March Aura forward aura
Increase the movement speed aura within my Fang Shibing
War Aura war halo
Attack speed increased aura range Fang Shibing
Defensive Aura Defensive Auras
Increase the defense capability aura within my Fang Shibing
Haste Aura vibrant aura
Reduce aura within Fang Shibing attack delay
Skill Power skills aura
The increased aura within mercenaries outbreak special skill chance
Aura Power aura energy
Increase the effective range of the aura
The Regenerate Aura cure aura
Gradually restored aura within my Fang Shibing physical
Weapon Mastery Weapon Specialization
Can enhance the level of weapons to enhance the value of the series with the skills
Ring Mastery Ring Specialization
Can improve the level of the ring, to enhance the value of the same series with the skills

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The 4399 pala dog raiders