Everyone interesting to play Temple Run,so I'll tell you the advanced techniques of the temple run online.

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Temple Run Advanced Techniques

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Play a lot of the free online games, i see everyone interesting to play Temple Run, and there are millions of friends are playing, but a lot of friends do not know how to play best, so I'll tell you the advanced techniques of the temple run online.

Temple Run Advanced Techniques

Download over 20 million daily active users reached 700 million people.
Temple Run once boarded the App Store free application first throne, and is one of the highest income iOS game.
Games adapted Android2.1 and above iOS3.0 or later.

Ready to begin ...

As much as possible to collect coins.

Buy props, upgrade your attributes, activate or replace game characters. Behind many monsters to catch up with The protagonist need to continue to run fast in order to throw off them. The course of the game, there will be a lot of corners, roots, traps, obstacles, the player is tested wit flexibility, thus timely to do some players turning, jumping or decline such as action. After 2000 meters, the path of the wall has become more complex, most of the sections collapse, to go through these sections, the player can jump or run along the half of the road, but the speed of the game, will easy game over.

Senior Raiders

The Strength by including: magic gold coins, gold suction props invisible props accelerated props, such as gold doubled, when players save enough some gold coins, you can click on the appropriate force props option to enhance the force.

Game the props page is: magic gold suction gold props invisible props, props and other accelerated these props in the game will randomly appear, when present, players need to jump to get to embody these props.

The magic gold props: props by gold upgrade, like Magic coins by 100 magic coins, 1500 coins can upgrade and spend 2500 gold coins can be raised to 125 magic gold.
Utility: Resurrection tools, death can immediately start the resurrection;
Quickly bolted 1,000 meters invincible state, across any obstacles and traps, automatic steering.

More powerful the bolted props, quickly bolted to 2500 m, over any obstacles and traps, automatic steering can increase game points, the game quickly upgrade.
Speaking from personal experience, part of the temple run's picture from the network. thanks

If you want to play the temple run online, you can check this link: http://www.minigameonline.net/games/Temple-Run-Free-Online-Game_2511.html

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Update: 2013-1-6
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Temple Run Advanced Techniques