How to play the Plants vs Zombies game for Endless Edition? We give you the Plants vs Zombies cheats

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Plants vs Zombies Cheats for Endless Edition

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How to play the Plants vs Zombies game for Endless Edition?  you can view the following Plants vs Zombies cheats.
Sunflower, twin sunflower, potatoes, Squash, cat grass, watermelon and ice melon, pumpkin sets start.The other election grams zombie plants like a zombie barriers such as dolphins choose nuts mining the zombie on election depression mushroom course chosen to remember the big jet mushrooms and coffee beans, so as to become melancholy mushroom.

Cheats 1. Most began several rounds to collect the sun mainly.
Plants vs Zombies Cheats

Cheats 2. Completion of the final layout
The cat grass waterway three, four, five kinds of Watermelon Ice melon, watermelon planting, ice melon completed, bring the pumpkin sets can also be planted suck enoki.

Cheats 3. High the nuts retaining dolphins zombies continue pumpkin sets.

Cheats 4. Shelves corn cannon, farming thorn.

Cheats 5. Kind of melancholy mushrooms continue to corn cannon.

Cheats 6. Completion of the pumpkin sets
Plants vs Zombies Cheats

Cheats 7. Melancholy mushroom complete, corn cannons completed, the completion of the final layout
six hundred seventy-eight of the waterway machine to change the plant at any time.

Plants vs Zombies Cheats

Cheats 8. The final layout of the 464 (six hundred seventy-eight waterway machine to change the plant at any time)
Plants vs Zombies Cheats


Lord of the Dance zombie: about to erect finger on the point of the bomb, the main purpose is the zombies out of the ground on the spike them, do not let them have the opportunity to. They tend to be rude, put bombs tend to follow their rhythm, play out feel can change from passive to active. Pandora: one to hear the sound of a second, regardless of see do not see it directly fried. Do not let them finish a square lattice.

Bungee jumping zombies: no umbrella plant to be at risk, is the fourth column of ice melon and previous to stab plants. 1 waterways in the row to stab the shovel out a sunflower plant one umbrella (I've tried all of a sudden to five or six bungee jumping, time response, however, it is recommended that the kind of umbrella. Bungee jumping hurdles can shovel out umbrella, planted sunflower). In this case, deep-fried the eighth row and the fifth row of the second line of the eighth column of two cells on the line. Plus fried floating zombies, a total of three maize bomb. 2 there is a simple way to directly put a bomb mushroom in water, and one-time problem-solving.

Floating zombies: the the waterway will leak out of the previous four-frame zombies. The key is to seize the opportunity. This depends mainly on feel to predict. Zombie surfaced before the show "a wave of zombies", then along with the sound. Grasping time machine fried like, feel is out of practice.

Balloon zombies: There will be accompanied by the sound of balloons. The voice stopped fried, can wait until a lot of assorted zombie appear on fried timing. Corn cannon too late to restore, you can use the ice mushroom ice look or direct a bomb mushroom wait on. The ice car: just after a grid grass on bombing was about to go through a second grid to it after a grid (You can also wait for a little more than fried, good control on the right).

Dolphins zombies: nuts in the eighth column (pressure can be placed in the seventh column), heard the dolphin sound this time to the upcoming open fried, so the dolphins can just did not go to the high nuts out on the melon.

The big zombies: fried twice. Red-eye zombies generally fried three times, ice melon and then throw a few hung up. In addition, two plants that eat rotten plants to pay attention to the small zombie frequented remember to replant pumpkin sets.

Can vary depending on the circumstances, seven or eight drainage Road. Sun more or defensive zombie pressure, high nuts on the seventh row, the eighth row of empty plant bombs mushrooms, ice mushrooms such. Rhythm chaos or no corn can shovel when gun the eighth row nuts plant bombs mushrooms, Note to calm faster, next time supplemented plants on line. No dolphins can not have high nuts, sunflower planted. Overall, seven or eight drainage channels and relatively flexible. Dynamically change the overall situation in helpful.

When replant Sunflower?

Can not strut zombie dance king zombie, ice car, the best there is no red-eye big zombie shovel off the thorns planted sunflowers. No dolphins the eighth column waterway can shovel out high nuts species of sunflower. In short, there is no threat when Nai species planted.

When put mushrooms bomb?

Lord of the Dance zombie did not stop and put up a finger before (ie not summon zombies before it rub out the easy way to control is not good timing mistakes), or good erect finger fried recommended way behind, better control ;

Corn bomb did not recover; Moer red-eye zombie;

Sometimes eat at the same time will inevitably arise, and how to do this time?

To give up secondary, the important plant protection and remedies. This requires us to understand the advantages and disadvantages of plant layout and tactical. For example, if 34 rows the ice melons and front row corn cannon to be eaten at the same time, we want to dialectical thinking. 34 rows any rows eat, as long as each line there is an ice melon, you can first lay down regardless (of course, can make up as much as possible to make up). Pay back the corn cannon is the eradication of zombies, the fundamental way to protect plants, should be a priority.

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Plants vs Zombies Cheats for Endless Edition