Fruit Ninja is a simple funny game. Only one purpose - to cut the fruit! the Fruit Ninja Score and Tricks you can see.

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Fruit Ninja Score and Tricks

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Fruit Ninja is a simple funny game. Only one purpose - to cut the fruit! Will continue to pop up on the screen a variety of fruit - watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, apples, etc. all cut before they fall!Do not cut the bomb! Otherwise over. There is still time mode no bombs, depends on your skills!  the Fruit Ninja Score and Tricks as following:

(1) In the case of no batter (that is, each knife only hit 1-2 fruits), 1 point for each fruit, pitaya 50 points.
(2) In the case of the batter (and hit three more than the number of fruit), regardless of the number of the batter, hit the fruit multiplied by 2 to scoring. In other words, cut twice batter 3, and cut batter 6, they will get the same grade as.
(3) A critical hit (CRITICAL), will be launched once hit the fruit being center 10
(4) consecutive batter in the arcade mode will launch an additional prize points, a maximum of 30 points will be prompted to "strong", "attack" incredible.

A. yellow banana is chaos out fruit compare play out score recommendations based on the arrangement of fruit, choose horizontal or vertical cutting, but pay attention to the yellow banana fruit easily fall, so the game is over: do not fall fruits! 50 on it! Blue banana is 2 times the points that is all the points in the blue banana state doubled this comparison recommend keeping the batter, double the 30 points is 60 points. The the white banana is frozen in time in this state, the game slows down, and the game time is frozen even if the last seconds (or even cut to 0 seconds at the end of the white banana also be able to continue the game), the state recommended to keep the batter like covet batter personally do not think too much significance.
B. theoretically with three bananas cuts to keep the batter is the ideal environment for a high score once had 3 banana batter at the end of the 2-fold integral plus 300.
C. Arcade mode as much as possible to keep the batter is the background of the up arrow three times batter the state an additional 5 bonus, and accumulated the highest cap to 30! (Although I have tried 4 batter batter batter can achieve! 3 batter × 3 is relatively affordable batter to achieve).

If you want to play the Fruit Ninja game, you can click this link:

Fruit Ninja Score and Tricks

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Update: 2012-10-23
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Fruit Ninja Score and Tricks