Fruit Ninja game is a very interesting game of cut fruit game interface is exquisite, lifelike sound stimulus.the game have 3 mode.

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About the Fruit Ninja game mode

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Fruit Ninja game is a very interesting game of cut fruit game interface is exquisite, lifelike sound stimulus. Finger across the screen, and would like ninja cut cut out the delicious juices of fruits, while careful not to touch mixed in with one of the bombs, once causing an explosion, to stimulate the end of the adventure will be instant.Fruit Ninja is a stimulus fun, easy urges people to hard-to-hand, action game. the Fruit Ninja game mode as:

Classic mode: Classic mode icon is watermelon, emerging fruits and bombs, infinite time. Mistakes fruit a total of three times for failing to cut to the opportunity, while the bomb as long as all the game will immediately end. Each accumulated to 100 points will automatically replenished once lost opportunity.

Zen mode: icon for Apple's Zen mode, no bombs, only emerging fruit, time and a half. Who batter and cut out the higher scores in the sub-half, who is the winner. The game will not fail due to fruit drop.

Arcade mode: Arcade icon for bananas is the latest of a mode, also known as the arcade mode, the pattern a pattern. In the present mode occur simultaneously bombs and fruit, and time of 1 minute. Cut to bomb another reward will deduct a certain score, cut to the three special bananas. Red, yellow bananas (frenzy), ice banana (frozen), Blue Banana (double points) how to make good use of the three special banana is the mode key.

Fruit Ninja game mode

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Update: 2012-10-23
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About the Fruit Ninja game mode