4399 Locke kingdoms summer vacation party.

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4399 Locke kingdoms summer vacation the party started.

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The hot sun hot at the same time, happy summer vacation is so coming! Coincidentally, Locke kingdom birthday just in this hot summer, happy summer vacation in.

Turn an eye, Locke kingdom 2 years old! 4399 Locke kingdom will accompany all the little rock for two years after! Time flies, senility, many regrets is not through one of the words to express! But all together into one word, that is: rock kingdom, happy birthday! In order to meet the rock 2 years old birthday of the kingdom, 4399 Locke kingdom area careful preparation and plan this wild party. We are the theme: a dream, "brave" don't stop.

4399 Locke kingdoms

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Update: 2012-7-26
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4399 Locke kingdoms summer vacation the party started.