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Mini golf game the same with the normal golf game. The normal golf game in which a small, hard ball is struck by a club. The object of the golf game is to hit the ball into a sequence of holes (usually 18), in the least number of shots. The length of each hole varies from c.100-550yd (c.90-500m) and consists of a tee, from where the player hits the first shot; a fairway of mown grass bordered by trees and longer grass, known as the rough; and a green, a putting area of smooth, short grass and the site of the hole. A player may have to circumvent course hazards, such as lakes or bunkers. Each hole is given a par, the number of shots it should take to complete the hole. Competition is usually over 18, 36 or 72 holes; the winner decided by the lowest total of strokes (stroke play) or the most holes won (match play). In 1754, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, St Andrews, Scotland, was formed and the basic rules of the game codified. Major tournaments are the US Open, British Open, US Professional Golfer's Association (PGA), and the US Masters.

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