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Ravio: Why the new "angry birds Go" for free? (2014-1-6)

The company launched the racing games on the platform of the "angry birds Go". Different, the game is to provide users with free downloadable patterns. What led to the changes in Ravio? recently Rovio games Executive Vice President, business Jami Laes accepted the interview.

2013 iPhone Best Puzzle Game: Letterpress (2014-1-3)

Although the Letterpress iPhone game is easy to play, but to become a master is not an easy thing.

Candy Crush Saga game - the developers to postpone IPO plans, because the game is too successful (2013-12-19)

Top mini game Candy Crush Saga developer King has postponed until next year the company's IPO plans, because it is worried about the game "too successful."

iOS version of "Angry Birds Go" - do not play slingshot, changed the car now (2013-12-19)

"Angry Birds Go" has been upgraded to 3D games.

NBA 2008 game (2013-12-15)

Successful NBA 2008 game, these advances are attributed EA SPORTS, This season a new motion capture technology used, This helps programmers make the virtual players from the appearance and movement more realistic.

Why we do not like the favorite game? (2013-12-12)

In my childhood, a double mode of "tank game" also allows us to linger, bored calling for small partners play together, very monotonous game modes, but it allows us to play a full summer.

The Second Flash Game Development Contest - peak of the war (2013-11-19)

After nearly six months of intense competition, and the brightest players and the players highly anticipated "4399 Second Flash Game Development Contest" winners finally released today!

Small change our mini game site (2013-9-25)

The page using the above paging, left of the game classification using layout, more convenient, more efficient, each page placed 56 pcs mini games.

CS Portable - Counter Strike Hacked's Tactics or Strategy (2013-9-24)

CS Portable - Counter Strike Hacked's Tactics or Strategy,CS Portable Game Modes.

Critical Strike Portable Android Apps (2013-9-24)

FPS fans, the moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived.

2013 minigame site survey (2013-9-17)

In 2013 the game transformation, and application of smart phones this year, the mini game platform naturally by the computer into the smart phone platform, when the FLASH game designers naturally fought Android systems or Apple systems.

A Smash Hit for 4399 Scraggy (2013-9-16)

Rock on with Scraggy's Headbutt Blast, a hit new mini game in the mini game online!

2013 which is the most fun online games (2013-9-15)

Recent comments which everyone in 2013 the most fun online games, everyone's thoughts are different, and that this thing how I see it?

KOF Wing1.9 - king's feast (2013-9-8)

After nearly two months of effort, KOF 1.9 and we finally met.In WING1 .9, the runaway Iori red scene not because of the opponent or his super-nirvana and loss, make the game more colorful.

Google Store gaming revenues exceeding Sony and Nintendo games revenues (2013-8-23)

The second quarter of 2013, Google Play App Store gaming revenues than Nintendo and Sony handheld console games in total revenues, ranking second, Apple's App Store ranking.

Super Mario 6 - Mario new debut (2013-8-15)

Mario is a classic game Star version, this time the game world to create a very cute and successful. The Super Mario 6 game board is marked with a Z prompt wood, using the Z key to get close to him through tips.

Lightning Little Warrior Action Games (2013-8-15)

This is an action game, the Lightning Little Warrior game screen is very delicate and very sci-fi atmosphere,we must first try.

4399 manipulator cheats death Trader Raiders game (2013-8-13)

4399 manipulator cheats death, death Trader Raiders at www.minigameonline.net

EA Zombies 2 Share angered Chinese consumers (2013-8-7)

official Chinese version of "Zombies 2" from July 31 Sign China, quickly became the App store free list first, but just a few days time, the game's rating has slipped to 2.5 by the 5 Star According to industry sources.

4399 piano game online play (2013-7-18)

4399 piano game online play at www.minigameonline.net

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