The Counter Strike 1.6's Comments List

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Comments: i am master of this game
Comments: f
Comments: i dont know how to download this game ??please help me??
Comments: THANXXX.....
Comments: How to shutdown the sound ?
Comments: conter strike 1.6

Comments: hiii
Comments: hiiiiiiiii
Comments: hello
Comments: hello
Comments: ManO
Comments: nice game
Comments: ggdfnsghsjdgajfgsacf
Comments: i love this game
Comments: iluv this game
Comments: good game
Comments: i want to play the game
Comments: I want play this game.becouz  i lve the game
Comments: cool game is this
Comments: it,s the cools game
Comments: 1st tym of this game i dont understand anything busss fail hoti jari hoon hahaha
Comments: solid  game
Comments: i am playing now
Comments: i love counter strike
Comments: nice game
Comments: Counter Strike 1.6
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Counter Strike 1.6's Comments:

I want to play the free Counter Strike 1.6
Counter Strike 1.6
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