The Cut the Rope game's Comments List

Comments: i thought this was the real game... i wish it would be a longer game....
Comments: njcnsv
Comments: I have this on my ipod touch it is much better on there than on here!
Comments: Increible, esta bueisimo, jaja Aplausos
Comments: game wont even load
Comments: its ok but hard stop with all the bad fedback
Comments: wheres the rope the game sucks
Comments: this is a peace of ****!!
Comments: I DONT EVVEN WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comments: very nice song at end of  game
Comments: Dont play.A big waist of time!
Comments: this wont work
Comments: GET the Breads cut the rope game w/ the Frog!your mean
Comments: i am new here and dam is a bad word
Comments: this sucks
Comments: now your a hero you have beat the whole dam ga-me
Comments: mario
Comments: i couldnt get this to load
Comments: kj
Comments: this is not the real CUT THE ROPE game so MAKE SURE THAT YOU GET THE REAL 1 IN FUTURE OK
Comments: this game lights the whole world
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Cut the Rope game's Comments:

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Cut the Rope game
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