The Fruit Ninja Game's Comments List

Comments: umm not a comment below just hate
Comments: i play fruit ninja on my ipod all the time and i luvv it!!!
Comments: s
Comments: 46yeye
Comments: HAHAHA
Comments: fruit ninga is the slowest game ever
Comments: m
Comments: I wish it loaded faster!
Comments: love this game buyyya
Comments: i hate this game i want the one for the ipod this fruit ninja has veggies and it doesnt look like ninjas live here it looks very girly Im a girl and that is way girly stealers i hav the right to call the cops on you guys thanks for wasting 5 minutes of my life
Comments: me,too
Comments: gay
Comments: ghtrfgjntgrfjhvfctg
Comments: ghtrfgjntgrfjhvfctg
Comments: ghtrfgjntgrfjhvfctg
Comments: that is one sick bastard
Comments: It awesome
Comments: bdsrfgvd
Comments: hdgsfduy
Comments: kpl[
Comments: I hate this game!!!!!!!!!!!
Comments: y890yuio+uioyiiu
Comments: pvpfgg
Comments: ScheiƟ SPIEL !!!!!!!!!!!!
Comments: Game doesnt work
Comments: fruit ninja is funnny game
Comments: I lv this game I have this on my brother iPod
Comments: n
Comments: Content
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Fruit Ninja Game's Comments:

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